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  1. Testimonial​


     I feel compelled to send this because I believe one of the VIP representatives has gone out of his way to assist me during my stay and during a difficult time for me at this resort. Jeffry has gone far and above the call of duty to assist a guest. I do not think another VIP would have put forth the effort to assist someone as much as Jeffry has put forth on my behalf. He did a fine job upon arrival and through the first week of my stay.
    However, on Monday of this week I realized I was having a major internal stomach related problem. He went with me to the office of the doctor. The doctor was so very pleasant and professional and knew immediately my problem after I described the symptoms. She convinced me to take the IV and use the ambulance to go to the hospital and she called the emergency room and they were waiting for me upon arrival. Jeffry traveled with me in the ambulance and it was of great console to me to have him do that. The doctor did say that he should accompany me.
    Upon arrival at the hospital Jeffry stayed with me the entire time and helped explain to me some of the discussions taking place as I do not speak Spanish. He did have knowledge of the doctor as he had met him before. After diagnosis and other procedures I was place in a room. Jeffry accompanied me and made sure all was in order. He then went back to the resort, gathered a few things I thought I should have and returned with those items.
    Each day he would call to see how I was doing and asked if there was anything he could do for me. I kept asking if he needed any money for anything and he was always saying no. However I did give him some money to use a cab to go to the resort and gather the items I asked. I kept saying I would take care of him and he always said, “Do not worry, it is not about money.”  One evening on his day off he actually stopped by to check on me and brought his girlfriend, which I believed to be very thoughtful. When I was ready to be discharged he arranged transportation with the office of the resort and did accompany the driver to come and get me.
    He continues to check with me and see if I am okay and as always ask what, if anything, I need. I am sure there are other employees who would do the same but I believe the honesty he professed about being concerned for me and calling me his friend is earnest. All of the times we have been together and talking he is like a sponge trying to learn all he can about my experiences and to learn about much slang that we Americans use.
    I was a former teacher of high school for ten years and of course had many hundreds of students each year under my tutelage. I also served in the Michigan House of Representatives for 20 years. I had my own staff and had at my call hundreds of other staffers to assist me in many endeavors. It would have been a privilege to have someone like Jeffry to assist me at that level. If only for his desire to assist.
    I hope this message makes it into his records of employment at this institution.
  2. Testimonial

    We just wanted to express our appreciation to so many people at Lifestyles for our recent visit to the resort to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.  Our children and other family Members had such a memorable time due to the wonderful service and friendliness of everyone who assisted us during our stay especially Jackie, Vance, Bertin, Luis and Glenys.   We are planning on many more memorable vacations and look forward to seeing you all again very soon.  The family atmosphere at Lifestyles is a truly remarkable thing.
  3. Testimonials

    Dear Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club,
    I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much your efforts are appreciated in once again “Always Making Each and Every Vacation Fantastic”. The resort is always amazing me with the new beaches, bars and the ever changing menus in the restaurants. I travel to the resort 4 + times per year and yet it seems that every time that I travel to the resort I always find something new.  The food and beverage in the resort is nothing short of amazing (seems to always get better). I have seen so many changes since the 1st time that I visited Lifestyle back in 2007 with the food and beverage. I am always impressed with the quality of food and the ever changing menus. I have yet to take any guests to the resort that do not walk away telling me that it is either the best vacation that they have ever had or at least one of the best vacations ever experienced.  I always feel that I am traveling to my 2nd home to see my extended family when I arrive at Lifestyle. I cannot express enough about the wonderful people who are always making me feel like I am part of not just a resort family, but a true family Member. I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful vacations and the unbelievable service that I have always experienced each and every time that I visit Lifestyle. When Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said “There is no place like home” that is because she had never been to Lifestyle or I am sure that she would have said “There is no place like Lifestyle”… Thanks for doing everything that you do to make each and every vacation the best vacation ever.